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Toolroom Records: #wearelistening


On Friday 4th May, the force was strong for myself and 16 other aspiring female electronic dance music producers!

So we packed in to the live lounge at Toolroom Records, hugging our tote bags full of goodies we had just gratefully received, we sat eager and raring to hear what we would be getting up to at the record label’s very first ‘Women in Music Day’.

Like a lot of record labels in the Electronic Dance Music industry, Toolroom Records don’t receive many demos from female producers, so they had made it their mission to hunt them down!

I feel it necessary to mention here, for those who don’t know, Toolroom Records is one the biggest House and Techno Record labels in the world! But you are an Electro Swing artist, I hear you cry! Yes but I have a passion for house and techno! This shines through in my house and I also play and produce tech house under an alias – Puls’em

Our day began with a welcome meeting, held by Victoria, Toolroom’s Head of Marketing. Her passion and desire to support women in the music industry shone through and the excitement in the room went up a notch as she explained we would all get feedback on the track we had brought from the Head of Music!

The day was broken up into 4 sections; Careers in Music (other than the obvious DJ/Producer), Marketing Workshop, Production Session with Ben Remember and A&R feedback. We split up into small groups and came together for the A&R feedbacck; this was amazing and every girl’s track was brilliant in its own way! The day ended with drinks and networking in the live lounge and a DJ set from ‘That Song Bird.’

Female Electronic Dance Music Producers #wearelistening
In the Toolroom Records Boardroom! #wearelistening

I still pinch myself when I think back on this day! It was an experience that I will never forget!

One thing that struck me was the record label’s strong belief in being yourself!

There can be pressure as a music artist to conform to a particular branding or style – e.g the age old joke that all techno djs wear black! So, it was great to hear that Toolroom encourage artists to celebrate their differences and oddities.

For example. Weiss is a big fan of sci fi so a lot of his social media posts incorporate this! You may have noticed some of mine popping up on my Facebook and Instagram!

If you have a random hobby or interest, celebrate it! It’s good to be different and stand out from the crowd!

I still speak to the girls I met at the Women In Music Day; we support each other’s releases/gigs and just generally chit chat about music!

Finally, take a look at the after video from the Toolroom Records ‘Women In Music Day’. Maybe it will inspire you!

So, the next time someone asks you, where all the female electronic dance music producers? Just show them this photo!

Toolroom Records ladies #wearelistening
Female Electronic Dance Music Producers

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